Friday, October 2, 2009

B is for Bob the Builder

This week Wes and I worked on the letter "B". Trying to connect his learning to things with which he is most familiar, I thought Bob the Builder would be an appropriate theme.

Here are the activities we did:

1. We read Welcome to Bob's Building Yard. Wes loves this one because it has all of Bob's "friends" in it. We talked about how "Bob", "builder", "build", and "building" all start with the letter "B". 2. Wes colored this picture of Bob and traced the B's. As he is tracing, I put my hand over his to guide him. Once we do this a couple of times, I let him practice on his own.
*As you can see, this was not his favorite activity. He is not a big "colorer". However, I do try to get him to do it some because it is good practice for learning how to correctly hold a pencil.

I am not sure from which site this coloring sheet came. However, there are some really cute ones here and here.

3. I printed out a large letter B collage outline. You can get them here from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm's website. Then I cut "bricks" (small rectangles) out of red construction paper.
I gave Wes the B outline and he colored it red. Next, I gave him a glue stick and the "bricks". I explained that the word "brick" begins with the letter B. Then, Wes glued the bricks onto the B collage outline.
4. I printed this puzzle and cut it out. I gave Wes a piece of construction paper and a glue stick. First, Wes put the puzzle together. Then, I helped him glue it onto the construction paper. Lastly, he traced B's at the top of the paper.
*This was his favorite activity, which makes sense because he has great spatial intelligence.

5. We played Paint the Gang and Design a House.

6. I made theseBob the Builder Letter Tiles We used them to practice visual discrimination. I printed two copies of the uppercase letter set. Wes matched "A" to "A", etc. He loved this.


Christy Killoran said...

I like the bricks. My boys were both fans of Bob when they were younger. It's a cute show.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

Thats great! I think Z would like this!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

bob the builder rocks

love the B for bricks

i'm going to have to print the letter tiles for my nephews thanks for sharing