Monday, December 10, 2018

G is for Gingerbread

Today we started our Gingerbread Unit.  I always love this unit because the kids really have a lot of fun with it!

We began by reading the original Gingerbread Man story.   The kiddos loved helping with the "Run, Run, As Fast As You Can" part.

We then learned this fun song.


In the Block Center, I added cotton balls, pom poms, and pipe cleaner candy canes.  I also taped gingerbread men to the small blocks.  I encouraged the kids to create their very own gingerbread houses.

In the Art Center, the children painted large gingerbread people.  We will be adding eyes, noses, mouths, and icing details later in the week.

In the Dramatic Play Center, I added we added cookie sheets, laminated construction paper gingerbread men, rolling pins, aprons, mixing bowls, etc.  The children had fun acting out the story.

In Small Groups the children had to identify the number on a cookie sheet (laminated pieces of aluminum foil), and then place the corresponding number of gingerbread men onto the sheet. 

In the Play Dough Center, we added gingerbread cookie cutters and buttons.  I wish I had through to get some brown play dough.  We will be making gingerbread play dough on Friday, so I will have to set this out again!

Tomorrow we will be reading the Gingerbread Baby (one of my favorites). Check back for more fun ideas!