Monday, March 15, 2010

Some "Wee" Fun on the Weekend

We had a Wee Bit O' Irish fun this weekend.
Gracen and John built a leprechaun trap.  There are pennies (spray painted gold) on the inside of the box.  Gracen said these were the "lure".  There is also a little note written on the inside of the box.  It says, "Pull the bar for more gold!".  The idea is that when the greedy little leprechaun pulls the bar, the door will slide shut and trap him.  I can't wait to see if she catches one!  Neither can she!

We baked The Barefoot Contessa's Irish Soda Bread .
It was so good!  In fact, it was so yummy that it was devoured
before I could get one good picture. 
Thanks, Flickr for this one.

What are you doing to celebrate?