Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Itty-Bitty Artists: Fall-Inspired Paintings

Last week our Itty-Bitty Artists painted with acorns, twigs, pine cones, and leaves.

Here was our procedure:
  1. We squirted red paint on a pie pan and showed the children how to spread it around.
  2. We did the same thing with yellow paint.
  3. We showed the children how to mix the red and yellow to create orange.
  4. We allowed the older children to dive in and experiment with the acorns, twigs, pine cones, and leaves.
  5. For the younger children, we modeled ways to use the items. For example: We showed them how to roll the acorns in the paint and then on their papers. We put leaves on their papers and modeled how to paint around the edges. Then when they picked the leaf up and outline remained. We also showed them how to paint with the twigs.

The older children enjoyed this activity. The younger children remembered finger painting from our last art group and decided to practice. Too funny! We all had a good time. This was a great activity to get into the spirit of the Fall season.

This week, Beth, will be hosting our play group. She is a former theater teacher, so I am excited to see what she has planned for us. Stop back by to find out!

So, what art experiences have you and your little ones had this week? Link up and share!

What Is Itty-Bitty Artists?

Itty-Bitty Artists is an art play group that I have started with some other moms in and around my neighborhood. However, it is also a new linky carnival I will host each Tuesday here at Raising Itty-Bitty Bookworms. Each Tuesday I will share pictures of what the children created during our art group. I will also share plans about what we will be doing at future group meetings. I would love for you to participate in this fun blog carnival by linking up!

Itty-Bitty Artists

  1. Who can participate? Anyone! You do not have to belong to an art group to participate. If you do art with your child at home, please share your experiences. You can also choose to follow along with us and do the activities that we are doing.
  2. Feel free to share current or past art experiences in which your child(ren) have participated.
  3. Please include a link back here to my blog in your post.
  4. You do not have to, but it would be greatly appreciated:-) if you used an Itty-Bitty Artists button in your post--you can grab one from my sidebar.
If you have any questions leave a comment or email me and I will gladly answer you!


Orange Juice said...

We just brought back some kind of pods from the park yesterday to do something similar. :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I am linking our open-ended art project here too :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

Oopsy - messed up my link name (it was saved from my last post). Can you fix it by removing Slow and Steady part?

Pink & Green Mama said...

looks like great fun!! : )

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived in your neighborhood to participate in your artful playgroup - what fun!

Tara Rison said...

Mother Lode,

It was a ton of fun for the moms and kids! Thanks for stopping by!