Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gracen's Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party

Saturday was Gracen's long-awaited birthday party. Although, it rained cats and dogs and we had to play all of the games inside, everyone still seemed to have a good time.

The Outfit

Gracen absolutely loves this outfit.
Yes, of course, that is an LPS on the shirt. They all over the skirt, as well.
This custom, hand-made outfit from Lillian's Closet
was the perfect birthday party outfit.
It made Gracen feel so special.
She kept spinning in circles in front of our full length mirror
because she loves how the skirt twirls.

The Bling
This Petunia the Piglet LPS neckalce was made by Kara Creates.
It is an actual LPS figurine on a ball chain necklace.
The girls at the party loved it and all had to try it on.

A better picture!
So cute!

The Activities Everyone adopted one of these adorable little puppies.

The girls decorated little boxes to create houses for their puppies.

I helped the girls make collars and leashes out of colored Duct tape.
They decorated them with Sharpies.

An LPS mask

The Party Favors
Puppy Chow
Go *here* to print the recipe and tag.

We also included little LPS notepads, keychains, and magnets
from Tracie76 Photography.
They were a huge hit.

The Cupcakes
These beautiful cupcakes were from Bredenbeck's Bakery of Philadelphia.
The girls were so excited about
how many sprinkles were on them.
The cake was lemony and the icing was smooth and creamy.
Pure perfection!

The Wish

The Gifts
(among many)

The LPS Adoption Center (Thanks Me-Ma!)

An LPS Twirly Skirt
(At least that is what Gracen calls it.)
She loves this handmade skirt from Little Ichigo.

For more information on the planning of this party,
ordering/purchasing info, and printables ~ go here.

Now I have to start planning Samantha's birthday party.
She wants to have a "Spa Night" theme.
Any suggestions?


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

that is a great party!!! I loved it!! I bet they had a blast!

shang09 said...

so cute! I have found this site immensly helpful in party planning.