Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gracen's Birthday: The LPS Adoption Center

The end of this month is Gracen's birthday. She has decided that she would like a Littlest Pet Shop birthday party, so we have been busy brainstorming some party plans.

Here are some of our ideas so far:

Games and Activities
Bold~ Cake walk-type game - We will color these LPS coloring sheets and laminate them (one for each child attending the party). I will shrink each image and use them to make cards. To play: Put the cards inside a bag. Lay out the laminated coloring sheets in a circle on the ground. Have each child stand on a coloring sheet. Play some music and direct the children to walk around the circle on the sheets. Stop the music and have the children freeze. Pull a card from the bag. The child on that coloring sheet wins a treat. We will be making LPS cookies to use as the prizes. Here are the recipes:
Lps Recipes

~ Pin the Hair Bow on the Pet
- Enlarge a LPS coloring sheet to poster size. Color or paint it. Make hair bow shapes out of construction paper. Play just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

~ Setting up an Adoption Center - We will set out the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Adoption Center Playset with the pets. We will also set up an adoption center for stuffed animals. This adoption center will include stuffed animals, leashes, pet food and water bowls, a toy Dr. kit, a small pet carrier, an old computer keyboard, an old phone, pens, pencils, and notebooks.

~ Find the Bone - Fill a Rubbermaid tub full of dirt or sand. Bury small dog bone treats in it. The children put socks on their hands and dig to find the dog bones. We will give each child 3o seconds to dig and then count how many bones she has found.

~ Kibble Bean Bag Toss - Set out a large dog food bowl. The children will try to toss bean bags into the bowl.

~ Dog Adoption - Each child will pull a dog collar bracelet from a bag. Each bracelet will have a small sticker on it. Next, each child will "adopt" the puppy that has the sticker that corresponds with the sticker on her bracelet. Once the children have found their puppies, we will create adoption certificates for them. Here are the certificates I will be using.

~ Craft - The children will create small dog houses for the puppies they "adopted". We will decorate these boxes with craft foamies, markers, sequins, etc.

~ Additional Craft - I am going to set up a craft table as an alternate activity for children who may not want to participate in the group games. On this table I will have copies of these LPS masks and the supplies needed to make them.
lps masks

Party Favor Bags
Our party favor bags will contain LPS magnets and keychains from Tracie76 Photography, a little LPS coloring book (which I will make by shrinking these coloring pages), some crayons, these bone candies, and Puppy Chow. For the bags, I am going to use colorful mini gift bags and decorate them with LPS stickers.

he Food
Bredenbecks, my favorite bakery in Philly, is generously donating the cupcakes, which I will top with adorable cupcake toppers from Lil Boo & Co. We will also have ice cream. For finger foods we are going to have fruit with this yogurt dip, crackers and cheese, chips with salsa and hummus, and plain potato chips (Gracen's favorite). I will serve this punch, water, and lemonade.

Paper Products
Gracen's favorite color is yellow, so I am going to buy plain yellow cups, plates, and napkins from the party supply store. I will decorate the cups with LPS stickers.

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Our ideas were compiled from our imaginations and the following sites and blogs:


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

man you need to help me plan gidgets bday :)

what a great party plan!!!

Orange Juice said...

Now THATS the kind of party I'm talking about! :) that sounds soooo fun! What excellent ideas!

Tara Rison said...

Thanks so much! I love planning parties. Maybe I will be a professional party planner in my free time ~ Ha, Ha! What is free time?

Melissa Taylor said...

We did a LPS party last year - you've got some great ideas. I also did a find a matching (hidden) slipper game and the kids got the slippers as party favors. That was a huge hit!

Great post.

Elise said...

Wow, this is going to be one fun filled and memorable party. You have thought of so many creative and unique ideas that all of the guests will absolutely love. I like the idea of a sensory activity such as your Find The Bone activity. How wonderful that everyone will have a chance to make a dog house for their adopted puppy.

Sounds like you have a busy month coming up, but I can't wait to hear how the party prepartions are progressing. All the best with your wonderful planning.

firstgood said...

So excited we are having an LPS party on Saturday!! I found LPS magnets and dog notes books for party favors. Love your ideas.

Christy said...

I am impressed!

Raising a Happy Child said...

All I can say - Gracen is a lucky girl! I am sure she will have a fantastic LPS birthday. I am guilty of totally "outsourcing" our birthday party to Pump-It-Up except goody bags that will have Monster stuff from Target.

Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

You have a LOT of energy! Would you like to adopt me?

Michele said...

Oh wow... these are such great ideas!!
As always, you're posts are the best ever. I love visiting your site. So well done ;)
Kudo's to you, darlin & thanks for sharing. You put so much time into making this such a wonderful blog, my hat is off to you...

Tara Rison said...

Thanks, everyone, for the compliments ~ blushing~!

We don't do big birthday parties every year, so I really want to make this one special and memorable.

I am trying to be creative w/o spending a lot of money. Gracen invited a LOT of girls, so it is a challenge. I will have the final count on Saturday, so I will start purchasing some things then.

Melissa, Love the Hidden Slipper game! Cute idea.

Firstgood, Let me know how the party goes and if you have any suggestions. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Raising a Happy Child, I have outsourced, as well. This year she wanted to invite so many girls, it would have been ridiculously expensive.

Christy, Not so much energy...COFFEE!

Michele, Thanks for the blog compliment. It means a lot. I have fun writing it, so I am so happy when people say they are enjoying it!