Friday, January 4, 2019

In the Moment

The other night Gracen began reading all of my old blog posts.   I sat down with her and we read through all of them together.  We had so much fun remembering all of the fun things we had done.  As were laughing over all of the old pictures, Gracen remembered that she still had an old flip camera.  She went and got it, and we began the mission of figuring how to upload them to my computer.  We were able to find and download a program that helped us convert the flip camera files to Quicktime Player.  For the next few hours, Gracen, Sam, and I converted all of the files, watched the videos, and laughed until we cried.

There were many tears of laughter that night,  but mine were also tears of joy.  I realized, in that moment, that what I was experiencing was a  memory that I will always treasure.  Both of my daughters and I laughing, talking, loving.  My heart was so grateful.

Here is one of the videos we found.  This is Gracen (3rd grade) practicing the morning school announcements.  😂