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F is for Flag

Shannon, from Teaching My Little Bookworm, has compiled a unit based on the book F is for Flag. She has been generous enough to allow me to share it with you.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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Perfect for reading aloud and together, this book shows in simple terms how one flag can mean so many things to so many different people.

Celebrate the origin, symbolism, and power of the banner that represents the United States of America.

1: Sensory Table:

Red, White and Blue -Dye rice Red, White and Blue and add to your Sensory Tub add 4th of july confetti

2: Playdoh Table:

Red, White and Blue -Make Strawberry, Blueberry and Coconut scented play-doh and add Star Cookie Cutters.

3: Discovery Bottles:

4th of July Bottles - Add corn syrup and 4th of July confetti to empty water bottles add a little water to thin so your confetti moves. Can make several with different amounts of water to make the confetti move from Slow to Fast.

Day 1:

Read book and show flag

Say Pledge of Allegiance

Talk about the flag is made up of 3 shapes (Stars, Rectangle and Square) and 3 colors (Red, White and Blue)


Paint with Red and Blue paint on White Paper


Make patterns with Red, White and Blue Star

Gross Motor:

Star Jumping - Draw stars with sidewalk chalk and have your LO jump from one to the other. Could make a bunch of Red, White and Blue ones and call out a color to jump to for more learning fun.


Day 2:

Read Book

Talk about how the Flag has 13 Stripes

Say Pledge of Allegiance

Count the Strips on the flag


Painters Tape Flag - Place painters tape lines on white poster board to make strips paint the poster board with red paint. When dry remove the painters tape and you have the start of the flag. (will be finished tomorrow)


Lay out 13 strips of white and red paper and have your LO line them up

Fine Motor:

Glitter Fireworks - On a piece of black construction paper make chalk lines for fireworks and have your LO squeeze glitter glue on the chalk lines to make fireworks in the sky


Day 3:

Read Book

Talk about how the flag has 50 stars

Say Pledge of Allegiance

Count the stars on the flag


Cut out a Blue Square and have LO place silver stars on it, then glue to your poster board stripes you painted yesterday ( if you can get 50 that is great if not just have LO put as many as they want). Staple a paint stick behind her flag and now you have a homemade flag


4th of July Yogurt - Vanilla Yogurt with Strawberries and Blueberries

Gross Motor:

Play some patriotic music and have LO march around with their homemade flag


Day 4:

Read book

Say Pledge of Allegiance

Talk about how the 4th of July is America's Birthday

Sing Happy Birthday to America

Star Birdfeeder - Cut a piece of bread with a star cookie cutter and punch a hole in it with a straw. Let it dry out overnight (or you can make several), spread with Peanut Butter and press birdseed into it. String with yarn and hang from a tree.

Sequence and Sorting:

Print off the Flag Printable and let your LO place them in size order from smallest to biggest. Can also set out 3 pieces of paper and have them sort them according to size.

Gross Motor:

Bean Bag Toss -Make 3 stars with sidewalk chalk outside and let your LO toss beanbags on to them. Count how many land in the stars


Day 5

Read Book

Say Pledge of Allegiance

Tlk about what all you can do to celebrate the 4th of July

Talk about Fireworks and Fireworks Safety


4th of July Streamer - Paint a paper towel tube or toilet paper tube with red, white and blue paint and roll in glitter. When dry tape some red, white and blue crepe paper streamers inside both ends. Staple one end shut and add rice or beans staple the open end shut and now your LO has their very own noisemaker

Gross Motor:

Fireworks -Lay out some bubble wrap and let your LO run on it and pop the bubbles making their own fireworks sounds

Fine Motor:

Puffy Paint Squeeze - Make up a batch of puffy paint in Red, White and Blue and give your LO a piece of cardboard covered in foil and let them squeeze all over the cardboard. Set aside to dry, when dry is it raised and sparkly!


4th of July Sundae - Vanilla Ice Cream with Blueberries and Strawberries and Whip Cream you could even use Strawberry Whip Cream
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