Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy Blogger Day at the Philadelphia Zoo

On Tuesday the Philadelphia Zoo hosted a Mommy Blogger Event, and the kids and I were invited.  We love the zoo and haven't been for a while, so we were very excited.

We got to the zoo as it was opening.  Immediately upon entering, there was a table set up where we were able to check-in.  We were given free admission to the zoo, a fun back pack filled with lots of zoo info, tickets for the children to ride a draft horse, and stuffed animal key chains for each child.   So nice!

The zoo's latest attraction, the Creatures of Habitat, was one of our favorites.  The zoo website describes the attraction ~ By bringing endangered animals and their vanishing habitats to life, CREATURES OF HABITAT inspires explorers of all ages to protect the amazing planet we all call home. A combination of birds and beasts, each intricately fashioned from thousands of LEGO® bricks, this experience will surely remind us how our world fits together and how we connect with it.

A fun day begins!

Part of the Creatures of Habitat Attraction
The rainforest being destroyed.
Lego display of a mother orangutan and baby
Lego display of mother gorilla and baby
Wes's favorite animal ~ the crocodile!
That is rain that you see.  It "rains" in their environment.
The kids ride a beautiful draft horse.
Too bad I didn't get a good picture of the horse.
Wes rides a big, red traffic. 
He wished it was green (Jason Aldean song),
but had fun on it anyway.
Yummy ending to a great day!

Thanks super nice Philadelphia Zoo people!