Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Single Mom Tackles Grilling...And Wins!

 Throughout our marriage, John and I divided the chores like many couples.  I took care of most of the household cleaning and child-related stuff, and he did the lawn work, repair work (house and cars), and grilling. Now that we are separated, I have been determined to teach myself to do these things.  Ok, so maybe not car repair, but definitely lawn work and grilling. 

 Photo credit:  Pioneer Woman

I figured Memorial Day weekend was a great time to begin the grilling challenge, so this weekend I purchased a couple of beautiful steaks from the neighborhood butcher.  Then I found this delicious steak salad recipe.  I knew it would be wonderful because it is the Pioneer Woman's recipe, and all of her recipes are scrumptious.  I Googled "How to Grill the Perfect Steak" and read a couple of different suggestions, and then set to work.

To my surprise grilling was actually easy.  I seared both sides of the steaks to get the grill marks, and then just let them cook for a while, flipping them half way through.  I wasn't sure exactly how long I should cook them, so I watched them closely.  They turned out perfectly.  Juicy and just a tad pink in the middle.  Exactly how I like my steak. 

When I took them off of the grill I let them rest for a few minutes.  Then I sliced them into thin pieces and put them atop mixed greens.  As I expected, Pioneer Woman's  marinade and dressing were delish.  I will definitely be making this again!

My first grilling experience was such a success that I tried it again on Memorial Day.  I grilled hotdogs for the kids.  They must have been good because they gobbled them up, and Sam and Gracen ate two.  Score one for, Mom!

The best part of grilling...I can cook while my kids are having fun doing this: