Wednesday, March 3, 2010

S is for St. Patrick's Day: Printable Activities for Preschoolers

To help you plan a fun St. Patrick's Day, I have created some printables for you. 

Five Little Shamrocks
Felt Board Activity ~ Print out this poem and clipart.  Attach felt or velcro pieces to the back of the clipart pieces.  As you recite the poem, invite the children to put up the corresponding pieces. 

Have the children match the rhyming words.

Name Plates
Use these name plates as labels ~ or ~ laminate and have the children use dry erase markers to practice printing their names on them.  
 Shamrock - Capitals

Shamrocks - Lowercase
These alphabet shamrocks could be used to play matching games:  match capital to lowercase or print two copies of each set and match capitals to capitals and lowercase to lowercase.

You could also fill your sensory table/tub with scraps of green construction or tissue paper and hide the shamrocks in it.  When the children find one they try to identify the letter on it. 

Hide the shamrocks in your classroom or home and go on a shamrock hunt.

Colored Coins

Children color the coins the correct color.  For children who do not recoginize color words - use a corresponding crayon to color the color word on each page.  The children will then know what color they should use to color the coins on that page.

Have Fun!