Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Baking and an Accident

Yesterday was our main holiday baking day. We (well, mainly "I") baked from about 10 am - 8pm. However, I have to say, that not all of that time was spent baking. Unfortunately, as I was unloading the dishwasher I had an accident. I was putting some wine glasses away up on a shelf and a couple of them fell. I reached up to grab them and cut my arm. I didn't even feel the cut because I was so frustrated that the glass had broken and fallen into the nice platter of fudge that I had just made. What a waste of good chocolate! But then, I looked down and saw that my arm was bleeding pretty bad. Long story short - I ended up at the local ER with about 12 stitches. Yuck!

Once I got back home and got the kids fed and bathed, I finished up my baking as I sipped on a hot mug of mulled wine (double yum!). Here is what I ended up with at the end of the night:

  • 2 batches of Peanut Butter Fudge
  • 2 Batches of Chocolate Toffee Bars
  • 2 batches of Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies
  • 2 batches of Candy-Cane Topped Sugar Cookies
  • 1 batch of Buck Eyes

I was pleased...considering!

Here are my family's favorites out of all of the stuff we made:

If you are interested in any of the recipes, leave me a comment and I will email it to you.

So, what are your family's favorite Christmas treats?

10 comments: said...

Hi! If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to have ALL the recipes, please! My children love to bake, and one of my daughters in particular loves to try new recipes. Thanks!

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

oh no i hope your arm is feeling better.

Main i wish i could come to your house you baked some super yummy stuff! :)

Heather McDougle said...

I am so sorry that happened to you! I hope your arm feels better too. I am sure it is killing you today.

I would love the recipes when you have a chance but definitely rest your arm if you need it.


Raising a Happy Child said...

You are a true supermom - coming back and completing your baking regardless. I hope your hand heals quickly. I am not much of a baker, but I would love to learn some tried and true recipes, so I will be happy if you share yours with me.

Orange Juice said...

I can't believe u managed to get ALL that done including a trip to the ER!! that's some dedication!
I hope your arm heals very quickly! that's sounds like a pretty yucky cut. I'm glad you're ok.

Cara said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, but I am amazed at all the baking you managed to accomplish! All of your recipes sound (and look) delicious!

Felicia said...

Oh, my goodness! I can not believe you finished all the baking and gave the kids a bath with 12 stitches...get some rest!

Heidi said...

Hope your arm is feeling better. I'd love all the recipes!

a said...

oh my! hope you are feeling tons better. glad you were able to do stuff afterwards.

if you wouldn't mind sharing with me the recipe to whatever you posted in the first picture. the chocolate and coconut. looks good! thanks so much!

aimee c.

Susana said...

You've gotta be kidding me?! A trip to the ER AND you still finished the baking!! You are amazing:-).

I hope your arm is feeling better now and healing well and glad you still got your baking done too:-).