Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Retro Toys

I love experiencing the holidays through the eyes of my children. Watching them brings back so many happy memories of my own childhood ~ baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, and anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival. Perhaps these feelings of nostalgia are also the reason why I love Back to Basics toys. They sell many classic, quality toys that I enjoyed as a child. Now, my children are able to enjoy these exact same toys.

Here are some of the toys that I once treasured and are now loved by my own children.

Back To Basics Exclusive Fashion Designer Kit

Children create fantastic outfits without being proficient at drawing. Simply choose from 12 dress, body, head, and texture templates to create unique combinations
. Place the templates in the holder, and with included paper, 4 crayons, and crayon holder, rub the plates to create the silhouette of the model. Also comes with 10 colored pencils. Colors may vary. Size 13"l, Weight 2 lbs. (Age 3+)

Santa brought this for Sam last Christmas.
She has really enjoyed it and has used it a LOT.
She keeps all of her designs in a fashion portfolio that she made for them.
I had this exact same kit when I was her age and I remember loving it, too!

Lite Brite CubeWhat a Brite idea! Simply plug it in and illuminate imaginations with 8 patterned picture sheets, 2 free-form sheets, 400 pegs, and 25-Watt light bulb ~ all included. Features 2 built-in trays for peg storage and a convenient carry handle. Allows up to 4 to create at the same time. A classic since 1968.

Gracen got this for her birthday and has really had fun with it.
She has used the patterned sheets, bu
t prefers to create her own designs.
Samantha and Weslyn have played
with it many times, as well.


Classic building fun, this construction toy has been a favorite since 1914! Children use the included design guide or their own imaginations to create structures, anim
als, shapes, and more. Durable wood and plastic pieces fit easily together. 102-piece Jumbo set comes in the classic TinkerToy canister and provides hours of creative fun.

Santa brought this for Wes last Christmas. He was not very interested in them then.
However, he has recently started playing with them a lot. He likes to use them in conjunction with his unit blocks. He amazes me with the structures he builds.

On our Santa List for This Christmas

Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker

Enjoy a Sno-Cone with Snoopy and Friends! Just add sugar, water, and ice cubes to make the world’s favorite ice treat. Originally introduced in 1979.
Features the beloved Peanuts characters; easy hand-crank operation.

My aunt gave me this as a Christmas gift when I was six years old. I LOVED it!
I really hope Santa brings my kids one.
I know they would have fun with it, too.

Retro Flash Cards
Our retro Flash Cards feature playful images and rhyming phrases ~ reproduced from a 1930’s children’s alphabet set. Encourages letter recognition and helps develop basic reasoning and reading skills.

The Barbie Game
Barbie is Queen of the Prom! A reproduction of classic 1960’s game is packed with retro fun. Be the first to be elected club president! Best-friend Midge, little sis Skipper, and Ken share the fun.

Mouse Trap
Mechanical fun provides zany action! You build a Rube Goldberg-style mouse trap during the course of the game with the object of trapping your opponents mice. This fun-filled game of crazy mechanical gadgets and chain reactions is a classic from 1963.It’s a race to the finish and nab your opponent’s mice before your own gets caught!

What were your favorite toys when you were a child?


melaniet42 said...

I had that Fashion Designer Kit and the Lite Brite! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for a Lite Brite! I also loved Lincoln Logs, my set of wooden blocks, my Major Morgan (a musical toy), and yes, I'm somewhat lame, my Speak'n'Math. Which was like a Speak'n'Spell for math. Yeah....

Virginia Lee said...

Wow! They are making Mouse Trap again. We loved that game as kids. Okay, maybe I need that for Christmas. =)

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

my girls love their lite brite!

Christy said...

You just brought back so many memories! I have thought about getting Lite Brite but I'm scared to death of all of those tiny little pegs.

Jeanette said...

The fashion designer kit! I loved those when I was a kid. I bet my daughter would love them to.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Obviously I played with very different toys when I was a child, but I remember metal building sets with nuts and bolts. I didn't see anything like this here. We also had simpler mosaics, kind of Lite Brite, but just pegs. I am so going to get Lite Brite when Anna is older, and I am very excited about her birthday gift of Tinkertoys - it's a fun toy.