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My Favorite Childhood Book: A Guest Post

When Tara asked me to write about my favourite book from my childhood I thought it was a great idea. I love to read, write, and review books for kids. Obviously, this love must have stemmed from a childhood full of great favourites. The hardest part would be choosing just one to write about.

So there I sat, hands hovering my keyboard, waiting. Then it hit me; I couldn't think of anything from my early childhood years. That's not to say I don't have a favourite book, it's just that my favourite is from my early teen years. And although at the time I wouldn't have thought myself a child, the teen years are still part of your childhood.

The book I'm thinking about is The Secret World of Og by Pierre Berton. I even did a review on this book as part of my Write a Review Wednesday posts. I remember receiving this book from my parents the Christmas of my 13th year. It's the only book from my childhood that I still have. I use to have the original gift tag also but over time and moves that has gone missing.
The characters in the book: Penny, Pamela, Patsy, Peter and Paul (also referred to as the Polywog) are based on Pierre Burton's actual children. Most of the story takes place in a secret underground world called Og. The kids discover this colourful world of mushroom shaped houses when the Polywog disappears through a trap door hidden in the floor of the kid's playhouse.
As a youth I loved the fantasy world of little green people living under our world. I loved following the adventures of the five siblings as they tried to find and rescue their little brother while avoiding being captured and hung. Although the story seemed too fantastic to be true, the way Pierre Burton wrote it made you doubt your sense of reality.
But I think what moves this from being just a good book to being a great book is because I enjoy the story just as much even now as an adult. Perhaps that's why this book has made such an impression on me. The elements of the book I enjoyed when I was younger I still enjoy now, but as an adult I can see other layers to the story. The similarity between our world and the world below. Pierre Burton's take on all the items that go missing in our world and how they become an integral part of the Secret World of Og.
Even at the end, crisis averted and the kids back home above ground, the reader is left wondering if the story happened or if the kids imagined it all.
I look forward to someday sharing this story with my kids (I think it's a little scary for them right now). I wonder if the story will make the same impression on my kids that it made on me. And years from now, if Tara asked my kids the same question, I wonder what their response would be. But until that day, I'll share with my kids many books from our home collection and library; many books so they will have many to choose from.

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Thanks for guest posting today, Carrie Anne. I have already added this book to my Amazon wish list!

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Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

what a great fun post! i have a favorite childhood book to I still sometimes get it from the library and read it! :)