Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learn to be Buddies

Since I first began using Twitter, I have "found" many interesting people with a wide variety of backgrounds. One person I was lucky enough to find is Amanda Gray. Amanda is an inspiring early childhood and special education teacher who has worked in early childhood settings, primary schools, community services, and University teacher training. Her latest venture is developing a series of children's stories to help educators teach children relevant life skills. The series is called Learn to be Buddies.

The first book in this series is Dave is Brave. It is about a little boy who is being bullied and how he confronts the bully. The illustrations are very detailed and realistic. They show lots of different facial expressions, a great lead in to discussing how to interpret body language. The text is simple and straightforward with a pleasing pattern of sound.

Dave is Brave is currently available as an e-book and as a read aloud movie clip. I enjoyed this version because Amanda has a beautiful narrating voice. A hard copy of the book will be coming available in August.

In addition, Amanda has developed activity plans, a song, a card game, and a board game to supplement her first book. These materials are designed to lead parents and educators in helping their children practice the skills taught in the book. They will also help children see how these skills can be incorporated into their everyday life.

Check out her blog which provides extra ideas and discussions about behavior and social issues. It is a wonderful resource for special education teachers and parents of children with disabilities.

If you are interested in Amanda's products, go here and enter for a chance to win a copy of Dave is Brave and one of five supplemental products.

Share some of your resources for teaching social and life skills.

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Amanda said...

We are running a not-just-colouring-in competition to celebrate the publishing of Dave is Brave. If you want to win a copy, pop over to for more info.

Thanks for the review!!