Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I took our 3 children canoeing. We weren't sure how they were going to like it because it is obviously not an action-packed adventure. However, they absolutely loved it and have been asking when we can go again.

Here is what they each enjoyed:

Junie B. ~ "Oh, the turtles are so cute! I am going to take pictures of them." She loved quietly observing all of the turtles sunbathing on logs and rocks. If it had not been for Jesse Bear yelling "Wake Up" at them, I think she would have stayed and observed them for a long time. We explained to Jesse that it was not nice to yell. However, he promptly responded with "But Mommy, I just wanted to see them swim!". Oh, three year old little brothers! Needless to say, the turtles jumped into the water and swam away.

Fancy Nancy ~ "These cookies are so yummy!" Fancy's favorite part of the trip was devouring the huge, yummy, chocolate chip cookies that our lovely neighbor had brought over that morning.

Jesse Bear ~ "Daddy, watch me! I can skip wocks!". Jesse enjoyed all of the different types of rocks that he found. He especially, like throwing (I mean "skipping") them into the lake.

There you have it. A canoe trip ~ something for everyone!

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Felicia said...

What a great go canoeing. I will defiantly have to try that when the kids get a little older!