Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paper Towel Tubes, Construction Paper, and a Little Imagination

My oldest daughter, Sam, is completely, 100% obsessed with horses. She likes to ride them, read books about them, draw them, and dream about them. This obsession began when she was 4 years old. We thought that it would fade with time, and she would find something else to "love". However, we were completely wrong. In fact, her love has only grown stronger.

Lately, she has been playing with 2 small stuffed horses. She walks them, feeds them, and grooms them. A couple of days ago, she decided that they needed a stable, food, etc. So, using her imagination, paper towel tubes, construction paper, and glue Sam created them. I have to say, as a mother and teacher, I was quite proud. Her creation was so inventive and all her own.
This project has inspired me to start a "Recycle Box" for things that can be used for arts and crafts. I plan to collect things

  • toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • scrap paper
  • lids from yogurt and butter containers
  • cereal boxes
  • junk mail and store circulars
  • promotional or scratched CDs
  • lids to water and soda bottles
  • water bottles
  • egg cartons
This is just a small sample of ideas. The list is endless! Check out these sites for some good "Trash to Treasure" ideas. Just think, not only will you be inviting your children to be creative, you will also be teaching them an important lesson about recycling. So, go get a box and start collecting. Once your children have created something unique send me your photos and I will display them next to "Thunderbolt's Stable". If you have any fun ideas incorporating recyclables leave them for us in the comments section.

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Tina & Shane said...

Great idea! My niece is crazy about horses...going to pass this idea onto my sister in law!

Small Hands Big Discoveries said...

Too cute!!