Saturday, March 21, 2015

Defining Moments

I began reading Savorlast week.  Simply beautiful.

It is a book of daily devotionals.  At the end of each devotion, Shauna offers a few questions for the reader to ponder.  This morning the questions were "What are the events in your life that have shaped you in defining ways?  Who have you become as a result?"

As I though about this question, I realized that there are events that have defined my personality and core values, as well as events that have defined me as a wife, mother, and teacher. Sometimes these events are big moments like the death of a loved one, a birth, a betrayal, or an amazing friendship. And sometimes these events are small moments like reading a particular passage in a book, a thank you card, or a discouraging word.

Last school year I experienced many moments that helped define me as a teacher.  Some of these events were big and some were small.  Ironically, what most would consider the small moments, were those that had the most impact.

An end-of-the-year hug from the mother of one of my autistic students.

The words "Thank you for allowing my daughter to dance."

An email sent to me describing how one of my most difficult students still wears a button with a "B" on it, so that she will "never forget Broman".  I never could get her to say "Mrs", so we just went with my last name alone. I miss that.  I miss her.

So, I am curious, what are the events that have defined you as a teacher?